0% interest installment payment with Woori Card

  1. Program name: 0% interest installment payment with Woori Card
  2. Time: From 15/8/2022
  3. Subjects of application: Woori Visa credit cardholders (including Primary and Secondary Cardholders) make payments directly at Website/App via Vimo and Ngan Luong payment gateway.

– Asiana Woori W Platinum Credit Card

– Woori Visa Platinum Credit Card

– Woori Visa Classic Credit Card

  1. Program content:

– Enjoy 0% interest installment payment at all stores associated with Vimo and Ngan Luong payment gateway (The gioi di dong, FPT Shop, Viettel Store, Mediamart, ivivu.com, Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Sony, Cellphones, Citi Gym, etc.)

– Cardholders can purchase goods/services in installments with installment terms: 3,6,9,12 months.

– Minimum payment amount: VND 3,000,000.

– Cardholders are not limited to the number of installment purchases.

– Within 07 days from the date of making a successful payment transaction, the Cardholder’s installment registration transaction will be automatically converted into an installment transaction.

– Cardholder will be refused to participate in the installment purchase program of goods/services in the following cases:

+ The Cardholder’s credit card is in late payment status;

+ The Cardholder violates the Terms & Conditions of issuance and use of international credit cards of the credit institution;

+ The transaction value registered for installment payment is smaller than the minimum amount/transaction;

+ Installment transaction has been listed in accordance with regulations of the credit institution.