Woori Visa Platinum – the most wanted platinum card class at Woori Bank. Enjoy spending with a high limit, allowing the use of credit and debit features on one card. Easily manage spending with automatic 0% interest installation, giving users a worthy experience.

Annual fee: 900,000 VND


Spend first, pay later, payment period up to 55 days

A statement period is calculated as the total spending by card within a month, from the 1st to the last day of the month. Customers have 55 days to pay the outstanding balance of that month (Month M), payment due date for the outstanding balance of month M will be on the 25th of month M+1.

Customers have 02 days after the payment due date, if paying the entire balance within 02 days, customers will not be charged interest and late payment fees.

First year annual fee waive
Refund the first year annual fee when spending enough VND 1,000,000 within 03 months from the date of card activation
Accumulate 0.3% of transaction value into reward point

Accumulate 0.3% of transaction value into Wee@Point. Unlimited accumulation.

Cards earn points based on the value of payment and spending at domestic and international card acceptance points (excluding cash withdrawal transactions). 1 point = 1 VND, reward points will not expire during the card usage period.

Reward points can be converted into cashback or other products depending on the Bank’s reward point redemption policy.

2-in-1 feature: Integrating debit and credit card features, allowing credit cardholders to use payment methods such as debit cards
Customers can apply for the 2-in-1 feature to convert all purchases (POS payments) with a value less than or equal to this limit into a recorded transaction, and directly debit the amount to the customer’s checking account such as a debit card. Transactions with a value greater than the selected limit will be paid as a regular credit card.
Example: Customer chooses a 2-in-1 feature limit of VND 2,000,000
Customer makes 1 purchase transaction valued at VND 1,900,000. Since the transaction value is less than VND 2,000,000, the amount is immediately debited to the customer’s checking account at the time of the transaction. In case the Customer’s checking account is not enough for direct debit, the transaction is automatically paid in the form of credit.
Customer makes 1 purchase transaction valued at VND 2,200,000. Since the transaction value is more than VND 2,000,000, the customer’s transaction is considered a normal credit payment transaction and will be shown on the statement of that month. The customer will pay for this transaction on the payment due date.
(*) The feature only applies to domestic purchases.
Automatic installment payment 0% interest in 3 months
The feature allows customers to convert all purchases into 3-month installment payments, with no conversion fees.
Customers can register for an automatic installment limit to convert all purchases (purchase at POS) with a value greater than or equal to the selected limit into 0% interest installment payment in 3 month (Not applicable for cash withdrawals). The installment limit is from VND 2,000,000 to VND 20,000,000.
Example: Customer registers automatic installment limit of VND 6,000,000. Customer makes 1 purchase transaction valued at VND 5,000,000. Since the transaction value is less than VND 6,000,000, the amount shown on the Client’s statement on the statement issue date is VND 5,000,000 and the customer must pay the full transaction value of VND 5,000,000 on payment due date.
Customer makes 1 purchase of VND 9,000,000. Since the transaction value is more than VND 6,000,000, the customer’s transaction is automatically converted into an installment transaction of 3 months with 0% interest rate. The installment payment of VND 3,000,000 will be shown on the Customer’s statement in the next 3 months and the customer must pay this installment on the payment due date of each month.
Give away Golf Voucher when meet total spending from 200,000,000/year
Customers who spend enough 200,000,000/year will be given 01 Golf Voucher (free green fee) at Woori Bank’s partner golf courses: Skylake Golf, Royal Golf, Long Thanh Golf.
Enjoy offers from Woori Store partner stores nationwide

Woori Store is a network of Woori Bank’s partner stores. Customers using Woori Bank cards at Woori Store will receive a direct discount of up to 50%