Woori Bank opens new transaction office in Ha Dong

Pursuant to Official Letter 2732/HAN-TTGS2 dated November 11, 2022 of the State Bank of Vietnam – Ha Noi Branch on approval of the opening of the Ha Dong Transaction Office of Woori Bank.
Ha Dong Transaction Office is allowed to perform all functions such as mobilizing capital, granting credit, providing payment services and other services to bring convenience to customers in Ha Dong District and surrounding areas.
Information about Ha Dong Transaction Office:
  1. Full name in Vietnamese: Ngân hàng TNHH MTV Woori Việt Nam – Chi nhánh Hà Nội – Phòng giao dịch Hà Đông
  2. Full name in English: Woori Bank Vietnam Limited – Ha Noi Branch – Ha Dong Transaction Office
  3. Abbreviated name: Woori Bank Vietnam – Ha Noi Branch – Ha Dong T.O
  4. Address: 1F, V2, V3 – Van Phu Victoria Building – CT9, Van Phu new residence area, Phu La ward, Ha Dong district, Ha Noi.
  5. Phone number: (024) 7302 1899
  6. Opening time: November 18, 2022