Methods to Pay Credit Card Payment

Auto Debit

You can request an automatic debit to your checking account at Woori Bank. Just specify the desired amount (minimum debt or total debt), Woori Bank will automatically deduct from your checking account every month to pay for the outstanding balance on your credit card.

To maintain this service, the balance in your checking account needs to be equal to or greater than the automatic debit.

Woori WON Vietnam Mobile Banking Application

Step 1: Log in to the WON App

Step 2: Select “Menu” => Select “Card” => Select “Credit Card Payment”

Step 3: Make the payment of the desired amount at the main screen

Fund Transfer

You may transfer fund for credit card repayment from another bank account with following information:

• Account name: Full credit cardholder name

• Account number: 16 digit numbers on credit card

• Bank name: Woori Bank Vietnam

• Content: Credit card repayment

Woori Bank Branches/Transaction Offices

You can make cash payment to settle your credit card account at any branch of Woori Bank (From 8:30 To 16:30, Monday – Friday)

Woori Bank’s ATM

Step 1: Insert your debit card and enter your PIN
Step 2: Select “Credit Card Payment”
Step 3: Enter your credit card number (16 digits) and required information
Step 4: Enter the amount to transfer and press “Enter”
Step 5: The system reports success and completes the transaction